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Wellington Driveway Pressure Cleaning Experts

At Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we use equipment specifically designed to quickly and evenly clean concrete and brick driveway surfaces. Although fairly maintenance free, concrete and brick paver driveways still get dirt and stains that discolor the surface. The salt, acid rain, moisture and high temperatures also have an adverse effect on both these types of driveways.

There has been increased popularity of concrete pavers even though their price point is higher than a stamped concrete driveway. The reasoning is the benefits of the pavers, for example, they are easier to repair if one piece or several pieces in your driveway are damaged, the repair involves replacing those pieces rather than a whole section if not the entire driveway. With regular use, pavers tend to be more resilient against breaking, moving and settling.

Wellington Driveway Pressure Cleaning Services
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Wellington Paver Maintenance Services

Proper pressure cleaning is a vital part of a proper paver maintenance regimen. Concrete pavers also need to be resealed after a proper professional cleaning. Adding polymeric sand between the joints of the pavers to prevent erosion and shifting, along with regular cleaning of the paver bed to get rid of debris. Paver sealing is done to enhance the look of the pavers as well as to prevent the growth of substances like mold and algae which will gravitate to the porous surface of the pavers. With a professional driveway pressure cleaning, your driveway surface will have a cleaner appearance that lasts longer.

Wellington Concrete Driveway Pressure Cleaning

Having your concrete driveway pressure washed is about the protection and maintenance with the aesthetics being the bonus. You need the pressure cleaning services to eliminate dirt and other deposits accumulated over time. Our concrete pressure cleaning professionals specialize in driveways, patios, pool-sides, sidewalks, and stamped concrete. We have specialized equipment built to clean the concrete and brick surfaces of your driveway rapidly and consistently.

At Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we understand the investment that goes into getting concrete pavers. Pavers are vulnerable to the elements, but professional maintenance keeps pavers pristine. Cleaning pavers and concrete driveways require the same equipment leaving them looking brand new.

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Driveway Soft Washing Company in Wellington FL

Soft washing started as a method to safely remove algae stains from shingle roofs without causing damage. Soft washing transformed the industry by setting a limit to the force used and the amount of solutions used on exterior surfaces for the benefit of cleaning them. This methodology has made soft washing the most significant shift in the pressure cleaning and exterior cleaning industry. The ability to use soft washing to clean surfaces without having to use excessive pressure has allowed us to save residential and commercial customers substantial amounts of money because there is no additional wearing down of surfaces caused by high-pressure cleaning methods.

When looking for a pressure cleaning company in Wellington there is only one choice, Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington. We do great work and stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We are always aiming to meet or exceed your expectations with every job we do. Count on us and know that you and your property are in the hands of a highly skilled professional pressure cleaning company.