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At Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we understand that one of the larger investments involved with a property is driveway pavers, and it is important to protect that investment. To keep the driveway pavers looking good it is vital to use a good paver sealer. There are definite benefits to sealing your pavers and here are a few:

  1. Slow down the deterioration rate caused by the elements.
  2. Deter or diminish mold, mildew, and algae growth.
  3. Decrease staining produced by spills.
  4. Lessen fading caused by surface scrapes.
  5. Lower staining caused by the elements, salt and pool systems.
  6. Extend the life of the pavers.

These are just some of the reasons for sealing pavers.

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Wellington Paver Maintenance Services

Now that it is clear why you need to seal your pavers, here are a few types of paver sealers available:

  • Penetrating Sealers: This sealer is ideal for maintaining the original look of the pavers while still protecting them from the elements. This sealant will maintain the look and color of the pavers and there will be no visible surface coating.
  • Wet Look Sealers: With this type of sealer your pavers will get darker and have the appearance of being wet. Several coats of this are required to achieve the ideal look, and the coats need time to dry before applying the next one.
  • High Gloss Sealers: You have the option of using a water-based sealer which will not darken your pavers or an acrylic based one that will darken them. However, the water-based sealers require more work to apply as well as to repair and maintain them in the future.

Sealing driveway pavers not only boosts their natural look, it also helps prevent the formation of growths like mold, fungi and mildew as well as making cleaning things like oil spills easier. This has the added benefit of allowing the pavers to appear cleaner for a longer period.

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Driveway Soft Washing Company in Wellington FL

Soft washing has gained popularity beyond roof cleaning where it has its origins. Over time it became evident that the overflow from the roofs was landing on driveways, sidewalks, decks and more, and the effects were as impressive as they had been on the roofs. The soft wash cleaning solution had the potential to clean other surfaces. What started as the answer to safely and successfully clean roofs, performed well as a cleaner throughout residential and commercial properties. Soft washing has become an effective way to clean driveway pavers before sealing them. It is an effective way to remove the infestations and get the driveway in great shape for sealing the pavers.

Every driveway has its unique and beautiful qualities, and using pavers adds value to your home. To get your driveway pavers to last for generations, you must properly maintain them. Cleaning and sealing them on a regular basis are vital to prolonging the life and look of your pavers and therefore your driveway. At Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we offer first-rate driveway cleaning and paver sealing services. We specialize in cleaning and sealing concrete, travertine and old Chicago style pavers. We are locally owned, insured and always offer free quotes! We will seal your driveway pavers with the invisible armor that comes with a guarantee to last… call us today!