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Wellington Garage Floor Epoxy Covering

Most if not all garage floors tend are composed of concrete and keeping them clean and stain free is a chore. At Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we recommend that to keep your garage floor looking clean and protect it from stains, use a garage floor epoxy covering. There are several options available, but the epoxy floor covering is one of the best and most popular options available.

The reason epoxy floor coating is quite popular is that it offers a variety of design options along with being a solid protective barrier for your floors. Our first-rate expert floor technicians use state of the art equipment to produce detailed epoxy floor coatings designs that last for generations.

When we do our epoxy coating, we transform your garage floor from a lifeless and drab concrete floor into a spectacular work of art that will outperform other similar systems for generations. Your garage floor will look so good in fact, it may seem as if you never park your car in the garage. Call us today for a free estimate.

Garage Floor Epoxy Covering Wellington FL
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Why Epoxy for Your Garage Floor Covering

At Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we use epoxy floor coatings since they tolerate heavy traffic very well. This garage floor covering is popular because it also resists water, oil, vehicle fluids, and most chemicals found in a garage. The great thing is that if the spill happens and you do not find it right away, on an epoxy floor you can usually just wipe up the spill and the floor will not stain. Regular cleaning of epoxy floors only requires mild soap and water.

At Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we offer a wide variety of decorative epoxy garage floor covering. Our decorative garage floor coating options usually require several layers of colored epoxy followed by clear coat epoxy giving you an exceptionally durable finish. If your budget does not allow for this system, then you will also find clear coat garage floor epoxies that enhance your concrete floorings color with a glossy shine.

Garage Floor Epoxy & Soft Washing in Wellington FL

Epoxy garage floor coatings are much thicker than acrylic and are also exceptionally durable. Thorough cleaning and prepping of the garage floor prior to applying an epoxy floor needs doing with a level of professional precision because when mixed the epoxy coating is time sensitive. Using the soft wash method which is a system that uses unique low-pressure jets attached to a tank containing an eco-friendly solution cleans and preps your floors without damaging the surface. Soft washing is not only a great method for cleaning surfaces safely and thoroughly, but it also helps maintain paint and building materials longer.

Depending on what you want your garage floor covering to look like, decide whether you want color and pigment or a clear coat. This will always depend on how the product fits your requirements and budget. Either way, this investment in the care and finish of your floor should be left to the experts who have been doing this for years and know what they are doing.

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