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Wellington Best Garage Floor Sealing Services

Garage floor sealing is one of the options available for protecting your garage floors and to get a nice economical clean look. Getting a garage floor sealer sounds like a simple task, and it is once you know what they are and how each kind is better suited to different conditions. Having an expert garage floor company like Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington is the best way to go in the first place, we have the expertise to determine the best products suited for your climate and conditions. You want to be sure to get this right the first time because redoing it will be expensive.

So, do you get a topical sealer, like an epoxy coating, polyurethane or acrylics for example? A penetrating sealer may be a better option for you. The choice you make will depend on what you are trying to accomplish, and which one is the better choice for your application. Therefore, having an expert professional do the job is a great relief because they are very well versed in what the ideal compound is for your job knowing that everyone has different conditions to contend with when it comes to their garage floors.

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At Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we use topical sealers or floor coatings for the surface of concrete garage floors. They can be clear, to enhance the stained concrete or to augment the natural color of the cement. The other option is to color the garage floor sealer to alter the look of the concrete.

Topical Garage Floor Sealers are:

●     ACRYLIC CONCRETE SEALERS: - These sealers work by applying a couple of thin layers as a protective coating on the bare concrete. Acrylics sealers protect from water and chloride penetration with moderate protection from stains like oil and vehicle fluids when cleaning occurs soon after the spill. With acrylics, you can opt for a wet, glossy look or a matte finish on your garage floor. UV protection in your sealer will be important to avoid the garage floor turning yellow from overexposure to the sun.

●    POLYURETHANE CONCRETE SEALERS: - Polyurethane is more durable than epoxy and resistant to UV rays. This is the ideal choice for garage floors exposed to sunlight regularly. Polyurethane needs an epoxy type primer to help it bond to the concrete. You also have a choice of finish from matte, to semi-gloss, to glossy.

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Wellington Soft Wash for Garage Floor Sealing

We have garage floor professionals at Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, that can determine if you have problems with moisture seeping into your garage floor concrete. We test the concrete before making the recommendations based on the amount of moisture present. This determines what coating to use. This test can save a property owner a great deal of money because using the wrong sealer can cause your concrete to peel or pull up.

Prior to getting your floor sealer of choice, your garage floor needs a thorough cleaning using our soft wash method which is a low-pressure cleaning technique that uses a non-toxic and eco-friendly foam garage floor cleaner that breaks down the contaminants on your garage floor. This method of soft washing your garage floor allows the cleaner to penetrate the concrete floor surface to ensure proper cleaning that lasts. After spraying the soft wash foam, the floor only requires a gentle spray down to clean away the dirt, grime and other contaminants that were on the garage floor. Soft washing is a milder and more successful approach to pre-cleaning your garage floor before sealing it.