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Best Pressure Cleaning Services in Wellington, FL

Wellington businesses and homes need pressure cleaning services to clean and sanitize the exterior of buildings, parking lots, cement or brick sidewalks, entrances to their property and more. These are just some of the various options of pressure cleaning services offered by Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, performed by our professional team of experts who are licensed and insured.

Our company is committed to doing our part to help the environment get cleaner. We use only the best quality products available in the pressure cleaning industry to clean your property. Along with our pressure cleaning pressure cleaning services we also offer garage, concrete, sidewalk and paver sealing services. We are extremely proud of offering our clients the highest level of customer service which is what keeps them satisfied enough to not just use our services repeatedly but to recommend us to their friends and family.

Our residential and commercial pressure cleaning  services include the following:




Paver Cleaning




Patio Furniture

Commercial Buildings

Mobile Homes

Hot Water / Steam Cleaning

Paint Preparation


Low Pressure/Soft Wash Cleaning

best pressure cleaning services Wellington

Pressure Cleaning in Wellington

If you are in Wellington looking for pressure cleaning services that you can count on call us at Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington. Our priorities are to have services that are affordable, timely and done to a level of excellence that exceeds our customers’ expectations. As a locally owned and operated business, trustworthiness and honor have been vital to our success. We use state of the art techniques and equipment to ensure that we offer faster and more efficient pressure cleaning services. With the use of our contemporary pressure cleaning equipment and our skilled technicians, we work diligently to ensure that we do not cause unnecessary damage to your property.

Pressure cleaning from Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington means you get a variety of pressure cleaning options and services that we have available for our valued customers. You have the option to select a one-time cleaning, or schedule weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly cleaning services as needed. Keeping your residential or commercial property clean is vital to curb appeal and property value. Contact us today to set up your pressure cleaning appointment.

Wellington Low-Pressure Cleaning

The main substances causing dark spots and streaks on the roof, siding, walkways, driveways and other property surfaces are dirt, grime, algae and mold depending on which surface it is. It continues to get worse when not taken care of and could lead to significant deterioration of your property surfaces, not to mention how unsightly and potentially hazardous it is. Rain spreads the mold and algae down the roof and on to lower surfaces which can get slippery or slick when wet creating a slipping hazard for your customers, friends, guests and family. Our eco-friendly and highly effective low pressure/soft wash cleaning system enhances the look, performance and longevity of your property surfaces. Contact us today to get a free quote and more information about our soft wash services.

wellington best pressure cleaning

Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning Wellington

When you book an appointment with us to pressure clean your home or business, consider looking into having your driveway or walkway pressure cleaned. Aside from being a great way to increase curb appeal, it can also be an opportunity to clean away the algae and moss from your sidewalks that can create a slipping hazard! Brick can collect dirt, mold and mildew just like concrete does. Our expert crew can evaluate not just the type of brick, but the current condition, to determine the best course of action regarding cleaning solution and amount and type of pressure to use.

Wellington Kitchen Hood Pressure Cleaning

Commercial kitchens must be efficient and clean and dirty malfunctioning equipment is one of the last things a business owner wants. Our expert team will clean and inspect your entire system, and make sure that it is functioning in accordance with National Fire Protection Association standards, as well as kitchen hood system health department regulations. You can rely on Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington to do a first-rate job pressure cleaning and professionally maintaining your commercial kitchen.

wellington best pressure cleaning services

Wellington Garage Floors Cleaning

Our garage floor experienced, expert technicians know how to use the appropriate type of cleaners and sealer to give your garage floor the best chance at a longer lasting outcome. We work with all types of sealing solutions including epoxy and acrylic sealers, our crew has the knowledge to give you a sophisticated Vegas style wet look or matte finish in a variety of colors you get to choose from the various options available. We always test the moisture content of your concrete before making our expert recommendations as to which type of floor sealer would be appropriate. This test is vital because using resinous coatings requires that you have no moisture issues.

Roof Pressure Cleaning Wellington FL

Your roof works hard to defend your home against the elements, and to help it do its job better, is getting it cleaned regularly. However, many homeowners mistakenly use excessive pressure when cleaning off their roofs. Homeowners who consider themselves DIY experts, end up renting a pressure cleaner from their local big box home improvement store, in an effort to do the task themselves. However, when it comes to your roofing, depending on the material present, low pressure or soft washing your roof is the ideal method to use when pressure cleaning it. The best thing you can do is call in the experts at Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we know the best methods for the roof, and are aware of the criteria set forward by your roof manufacturer to ensure the warranty remains valid.

HOA Community Power Washing Service

We have the latest solutions, equipment and the knowledge to handle almost any pressure cleaning task including at HOA’s & Condos. Our staff always arrive on time and work fast but carefully to get the job done efficiently. When it comes to keeping the outside of your property looking sharp, we also make sure we get your windows spotless and sparkling. When you hire us, you can count on being a top priority. We are also well versed in the local codes and regulations and will work within the guidelines set forth by your committees.

With many years of local experience in the Wellington area, you can be sure that Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington will have your residential or commercial property always looking great. Call us today to get a free estimate and schedule your cleaning.