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Wellington Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning Experts

Having your sidewalks professionally pressure cleaned is important to enhance the curb appeal of your building. However, it is vital that you choose the right pressure cleaning company if you want the job done right the first time and without damage. At Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we offer top-rated exterior pressure cleaning, including exceptional sidewalk cleaning in Wellington and the surrounding areas.

For years, Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington has been the premier sidewalk pressure cleaning service provider in Wellington. Our crew is well trained, highly skilled and experienced and have the best equipment available to get every job done well. The most important factor is that we love what we do and take our skills and training very seriously which translates to us taking great pride in every job we do. The results and our customer reviews speak for themselves.

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We do sidewalk pressure cleaning for both residential and commercial clients. When months or even years of dirt and grime has built up on your sidewalks, and your property is losing its curb appeal, call us and we will help you regain the aesthetic appeal of your property with a pristine sidewalk. Give us a call today let us get your sidewalk pressure cleaning needs taken care of.

Why You Need Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning

Sidewalk pressure cleaning may not be the priority for some, but here are a few reasons why you may want to rethink that:

  • Firstly, the main and the most obvious reason for having sidewalk pressure cleaning done is for the appearance or curb appeal. Between foot traffic and the regular spills that occur on the walkways and sidewalks of buildings, the amount of dirt and grime is usually on the higher end. This dirt and grime can also cause your sidewalk to get stained, so simple hosing down will not be effective. As time passes, rain and the occasional attempt to clean the sidewalks manually fail to produce the desired results. A professional pressure cleaning will have your sidewalks looking like they did when they were new.
  • Safety of the people walking by is the other important reason for having a professional pressure cleaning company like Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington come and clean your sidewalks. When you get substances like mildew and mold taking hold of the porous surfaces on your sidewalks it is not just unpleasant, it presents a risk to passersby. Algae and other types of contaminants get slippery especially when wet and pose a hazard.
  • First impressions for a commercial or residential property is important and it starts at your sidewalk. People see the exterior of your home or business first so enhancing your curb appeal is vital.

Wellington Residential and Commercial Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning

At Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we are grateful to be the number one choice for sidewalk cleaning. We transform the look of your sidewalks and realize the importance of this service. We also offer sidewalk soft washing services, developed back in 1991. Soft washing takes care of infestations by treating and destroying the issue at the root of the problem. Furthermore, it leaves behind a residue that helps stop the infestation from coming back.

Give us a call today to book an appointment for your professional sidewalk cleaning service.


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