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Wellington Tile Roof Pressure Cleaning

At Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we understand that one of the responsibilities of owning a home or commercial building is roof cleaning. Your roof is extremely important to your building especially when it comes to protection against the elements. So, cleaning it requires great care and skill, which is what we at Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, bring to the table.

The standard high-pressure approach to power cleaning can harm the condition of your tile roofing, which is why we offer low-pressure roof cleaning choices as part of our tile roof cleaning services. We have tile roof cleaning techniques that deliver better results than pressure cleaning, our approach does not cause the damage associated with power washing.

In fact, our low-pressure tile roof cleaning service is one of our pressure cleaning companies specialty. We have perfected the roof tile cleaning agent we spray on to the roof that eliminates mold and algae stains, restoring your tiles back to their original grandeur. This method is safer and far more effective than other roof tile cleaning methods used today.

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High-Pressure Cleaning Vs Low-Pressure/Soft Wash

Black streaks on asphalt shingles or roof tiles are usually roof algae or moss. This infestation needs to be taken care of quickly because It only gets worse when not taken care of. With all the rain we get here, the algae is then spread down the roof causing unsightly black streaks. To take care of this algae and moss, there are two main methods used, High-pressure cleaning and low-pressure cleaning.

High-Pressure Cleaning: - The bottom line is that if your roof cannot withstand 4,000 Psi, then using high-pressure cleaning will etch the surface of your roof tiles making them fade and become more porous. A more porous roof will take longer to dry after it rains, accelerating the mildew growth. This also means you will require more cleanings over the now shortened lifespan of your roof. Floridians tend to replace their roofs every 20 to 25 years, which may seem like a great length of time, however, roofs come with a 35 to 65-year warranty... high-pressure cleaning is contributing to the shortened lifespan of roofs on Florida.

Low-Pressure Cleaning / Soft Wash: - Low-pressure cleaning is a great option when it comes to pressure cleaning. With this type of cleaning, we spray high concentrations of eco-friendly solutions on your roof and rinse it using low-pressure cleaning equipment to rinse off the residue, dirt, and grime. Soft wash solutions go deeper than the roof tile surface; it soaks into the tile. This is what makes it last up to six times longer than plain high-pressure cleaning.

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The Best Roof Tile Cleaning in Wellington

At Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, we make it our goal to make sure that every customer is 100% completely satisfied with their tile roof pressure cleaning results. We work on long term relationships with our clients and that means their happiness and satisfaction is one of our top priorities. To find out more about treating and protecting your roof with Detail Captain Pressure Cleaning Wellington, or to get estimates for pressure cleaning in the greater Wellington area, please give us a call today!